I'm not sure if people really read these pages, but here goes...

I live on the westbank of New Orleans and have lived here since I was four years old, minus a few years up in western New York where I was editor of an international karate magazine.  

My interest in chainmail started with a single lesson given by the local gem & mineral society where I made a byzantine bracelet with copper rings.  Needless to say -- I was hooked from then on. 

The initial endeavor was a website many years ago where I sold the handcrafted chainmail pieces I'd completed. At that time, I worked strictly with sterling silver and made my own rings starting with the raw wire. Unfortunately, Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma (I'd evacuated to Florida) came along and threw a monkey wrench into everything. I ended up having to shut down the website and I quit making chainmail jewelry for a very, very long time.

Being out of sorts with myself in early 2020, realizing I was now on disability, not having any friends and not really much of anything to do, I questioned my purpose in life.  Sometime later, I ran across some plastic boxes in which I'd stored a bunch of anodized aluminum jump rings that I'd never gotten around to using.  I pulled them out, put them on a table next to my desk and kept looking at them off and on -- for about two weeks, before I got the nerve up to figure out where my pliers might be.

Well, I found the pliers (and even ordered new ones) and made a chain using the only weave I remembered right off the bat -- Full Persian and I haven't stopped yet! I've spent the last few months relearning the weaves I used to know, ordering jump rings in metals I'd never worked with including more anodized aluminum (they come in such cool colors), stainless steel and bright aluminum.  

So now I've built up quite an inventory and decided to try my hand again at selling online (and no, it isn't because my mom and brother look at all the piles of jewelry, shake their heads and say, "But what are you going to DO with it all?").  Hopefully others can purchase a necklace or bracelet and get as much enjoyment wearing it as I get in making it.

Take care and if I can make a custom piece for you, please click the email link at the bottom of the page.